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Hello and welcome to our website!
My name is Harald Müller and I’m the founder and CEO of MHM Scale Aircraft. I’m excited that you’ve decided to spend some time with us. Chances are you’re an aviation buff in general and a lover of giant scale model airplanes made of metal in particular. You’ve come to the right place—we are the specialists for unique model aircraft made of aluminum.
I’ve been carrying the dream of building a metal model airplane around with me for the better part of 20 years. My company specializes in the design and construction of special order metal parts for TV sets and complex trade show exhibition booths. Throughout my professional life I’ve been privileged to have all the necessary tools and machinery at my disposal but I still thought it was impossible to build an all aluminum model aircraft the way I envisioned it—unless you intended to do it as a one-off project. That, however, didn’t interest me at all; my goal has always been the serial production of model aircraft made of metal.
Dreams, however, have a habit of staying with you. After I learned how to design my model aircraft on the computer with the help of a 3D CAD program, I figured out a way to integrate our computerized machines such as laser- and water jet cutters in the process of designing an all-aluminum model aircraft the way I really wanted to build it. That’s how it all began in 2003. Four years later we’d completed the prototype of our DHC-2 ‘Beaver’ in 40% scale. The aircraft has even been flown on floats!
After extensive testing we have now started serial production, with four new models being built at our factory in the south of Berlin. The aircraft are for sale and can be outfitted with wheels, floats and/or ski. Even gadgets such as an on-board camera or a smoke system are possible. Maybe you’ll allow us to build one for you?
But the Beaver is not the only aircraft we’re working on—development on other 40% scale, all-aluminum model aircraft is underway and in full swing. We’re having a great time with it and I hope you’ll be just as excited as we are.
Have fun touring our website, which is chockfull with photos of the Beaver and information on the design and construction of the aircraft. Please check back often for updates, and if you should have any questions please feel free to contact me. I really look forward to hearing from you.
Harald Müller

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