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Who we are
MHM Scale Aircraft was founded by Harald Müller in August 2006 and is a subsidiary of Harald Müller Metall-Sonderfertigung GmbH. The company is located in Ludwigsfelde near Berlin and its 30 employees specialize in the manufacture of high-end, custom made metal applications.
MHM Scale Aircraft is in the business of designing and building radio-controlled scale model aircraft made entirely out of aluminum. The prototype of our first airplane, a DHC-2 Beaver built to 40 percent scale (1:2.5), made its maiden flight in the fall of 2007. After months of testing and fine-tuning the aircraft, serial production has begun at our workshops.
What we offer
It is our desire to bring our clients something very special, something that has never been done before. Our Beaver is both—she’s special and no one has ever attempted to accomplish something of this scope and complexity, let alone see it through to its conclusion. As you can see this aircraft is big. But it’s not just the size and heft of this model that makes it unusual; this is the first remote controlled model aircraft of this size that was made completely out of aluminum—just like the original Beaver! The prototype was an instant sensation in Europe and in the United States when we introduced it to the public in 2008.
Our product is unique and the quality of our craftsmanship is unmatched in the world—look at it as The original Beaver equivalent to fine automobiles such as a Porsche, a Ferrari or an Aston Martin. We’re not in the market of mass-produced model airplane kits; this DHC-2 Beaver is put together by hand and by highly skilled model makers who are just as passionate about every piece of sheet metal and rivet as our clients are. Each model aircraft is custom-made and built to the specifications of their owners. They decide whether they want their Beaver to be on wheels, floats or skies—or all of the above! The client chooses the color scheme and registration of the aircraft or what radio he prefers.
So please check back often and drop us a note from time to time. In the meantime, enjoy your stay with us on our website!
The MHM Scale Aircraft team
Harald Müller
Harald Müller is the CEO and founder of MHM Scale Aircraft. He was born in 1960 in Berlin, Germany. Müller has been into aviation for as long as he can remember and even owns a private pilot license. Working with metal is Harald’s job—he’s the owner of a metal shop with 30 employees—and for years he had a dream that just didn’t want to die: to design and build a model aircraft made completely out of aluminum. CAD technology and modern machining tools finally allowed Müller to make that dream a reality; he and his team spent almost six years working on DHC-2 Beaver. Harald and his wife Jeannette live in Großbeeren south of Berlin.
Manfred Schimmel
Manfred Schimmel, born in 1949, is the head model builder at MHM Scale Aircraft. Schimmel was trained as a mechanical engineer and has been into model aviation for more than 50 years. He took his first step with free flight models; from there he advanced to control line airplanes and eventually built his first tip-tip radio from plans published in a model airplane magazine. Manfred’s skills as a modeler are legendary, and in his hands all kinds of materials turn into works of art. Schimmel joined MHM Scale Aircraft in 2006. Manfred has two grown children and lives with his wife in Fredersdorf near Berlin.
James Metternich
James Metternich is the MHM Scale Aircraft test pilot and was born in 1959 in Berlin. He apprenticed in fine mechanics and glass fiber engineering at his parents’ company where he remains to this day. In the mid 70s, James fell in love with model aviation and he hasn’t been able to get away from it ever since. Metternich is a highly experienced competition pilot; if it has wings, James knows how to fly it. His great passion is large scale sail planes, but he’s just as skilled piloting giant scale aerobatic aircraft—or all-aluminum Beavers! The love for all things airborne must be inborn— Metternich’s daughter Jamie works in the aviation industry. James and his partner Ilka make their home in Berlin.

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